Google Earth

Google Earth

November 21, 2018 Technology 5

Google Earth is a free resource that you can use with any grade level and every content area. It is our earth, in globe form, complete with 3D imagery, roads, addresses, borders, access to StreetView images, data layers, a measurement tool, and elaborate and professional Voyager Stories. Donnie Piercey has an excellent set of resources for Google Earth on this site. The official Google Earth Education site is awesome too for inspiration and resources. 

The Voyager Stories are my favorite. These are guided tours on a wide range of topics. Just click the ship wheel on the left menu.  (all images in this post are screenshots from

From there you can view many categories. Culture, Nature, Education, and Layers are my personal favorites.

My friends Peter, Jessica, Brooke, Joël, and Afzal worked on this awesome Voyager Story about the value of water, and conservation of the Great Lakes.

Blue Gold Voyager Story image

My friends Joël and Afzal created this incredible Voyager Story on the astrolabe.

astrolabe Voyager Story

Here’s a sample of one of the layers, Current Weather Radar.

Current weather radar

For my fellow HP fans, here’s another that explores the “real” world of Harry Potter.

Celebrating Harry Potter Voyager Story

In the options menu (3 lines at the top left) you can change the map style to show or take away map details and information.

Have fun exploring our earth with your students. Let me know if you have any questions or would like ideas on how to make Google Earth a part of your instruction. 

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  1. CIndy Lane

    November 21, 2018

    Well Done!! Proud to be on this cohort with you!!

  2. Creative

    June 14, 2019

    I wish to create a voyager story pertaining to water (like Peter, Jessica, Brooke, Joël, and Afzal).
    Need guidance in this regard.

    • James Allen

      June 16, 2019

      Right now that is not possible in Google Earth. You might want to check out Tour Creator though. You could create something similar.

      • Creative

        June 17, 2019

        Thank you James. I'll try VR.
        (but i still wonder how other voyager stories have been made...)

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